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new motor installation

The garage door motor is another sensitive gadget that should be handled with utmost care just like the broken spring above. It serves the purpose of enhancing the smooth flow of the door when opening and closing. It should be handled by trained experts since any wrong turn or move can permanently damage the motor resulting to many unnecessary costs. Our team of experts at Thornwood garage door repair in NY will carefully analyze the motor in order to come up with the area that has default. They will then asses the level of damage to determine whether to repair the motor or alternatively fix a new one. If the motor is permanently faulty, they will fix a new motor causing no other damage to the door. The motor maintenance and frequent inspection is important to its life. Lubrication of moving parts should be done appropriately and after certain duration of time. This helps in reducing wear and tear of the motor. Fixing or replacement of the motor is actually done with minimal charges that are customer friendly. This is made possible due to the fact that we buy our goods, tools and equipment for use in new installation or fixing damaged parts in large quantities, this will in turn allow us to receive large quantity discount which we ultimately transcend to our clients. We also source for our tools and equipment from reliable suppliers and who due to the longtime of business, they won’t hesitate to give discounts.